**NEW FELLOWSHIP** As part of a new inter-institutional collaborative project funded by the NSF EPSCoR Track 2 Genome-to-Phenomes program (UNVEIL: Using Natural Variation to Educate, Innovate and Lead), we are offering a new postdoctoral fellowship. The 2-year UNVEIL Postdoc Fellowships (2 at UM, 2 at U. Nebraska over the 4-year period) provide competitive salary and benefits, as well as substantial dedicated research funds. Fellows may extend one of the three Core UNVEIL projects (on monkeyflower adaptation to thermal soils, deer mouse elevational adaptation, and hare seasonal coat color change) in a novel direction OR propose an independent project on the evolutionary genomics of natural variation.  Please see the UNVEIL webpage for details and contact Lila or one of the other PIs to discuss possible projects prior to the Nov. 1 2017 deadline, if you are interested in applying!!

Graduate students

Students in the Fishman Lab work on a broad range of questions across plant evolution, genomics, and genetics -- my philosophy is to encourage exploration of several possible dissertation projects in the first year rather than direct a student into a pre-existing research project. I advise both MS and PHD candidates, and am open to co-advising students with interests that span fields of study.

Currently, we have NSF funding for two graduate student RA positions associated with projects investigating physiology, adaptation, and incipient speciation in yellow monkeyflowers in Yellowstone National Park. Thus, candidates (for Fall 2018) interested in evolutionary genomics of physiological traits and /or systems genetics of adaptation are particular encouraged to apply.

In addition, as part of the UNVEIL Genomes-to-Phenomes project, outstanding Fall 2018 applicants from under-represented groups are eligible for a 3-year Graduate Fellowship.

The UM OBEE graduate program has an excellent  evolutionary genetics/genomics group, additional strengths in plant ecology and physiology, and a collaborative and integrative atmosphere. We offer a world-class educational and research opportunities, and Missoula is a fabulous place to live and work. 


Undergraduate students interested in pursuing mentored research for Honors thesis or independent research credit should contact Lila ( to discuss ideas and opportunities. Recent student projects have spanned everything from physiological assays and genomic mapping to studies of plant movement and plant-fungal interactions, and frequently result in co-authorship of scientific papers. If you are interested in plants and/or evolution/genetics/genomics, motivated to learn, and curious about doing science, do not hesitate to contact me !!! We do not expect prior research experience -- that's what college is for!

In addition, we often advertise paid positions for lab and/or greenhouse assistants, with varying levels of responsibility. We are currently seeking an assistant to help with plant care (e.g., pot-washing, watering, periodic data collection). Work-study applicants are particularly encouraged, and there are opportunities for summer field assistantships (in Yellowstone or Oregon) once trained.