Congrats to Fishman Lab graduates!!

A fond farewell to Spring 2019 grads Kory Kolis and Brooke Kern!! Kory successfully defended his MS work on the population genetics of Yellowstone monkeyflowers this week and is heading to Idaho for summer field work for his new job. Brooke has completed her bachelor’s degree with Honors research on Mimulus bicolor, and will be joining the PhD program at the University of Minnesota in the Fall.

NSF EPSCoR grant on genome-to-phenome connections

The University of Montana (Cheviron, Fishman, Good, et al) and the University of Nebraska (Storz, Montooth, Meiklejohn) just received a large training and research grant through the NSF EPSCoR Track II program focused on genome-to-phenome studies in natural populations. This support will allow us to establish a synergistic training and research network of evolutionary geneticists between these two groups. Research activities of the UNVEIL (Using Natural Variation to Educate, Innovate and Lead) network will center around core projects focused on adaptation to spatiotemporal environmental variation in mammalian and plant systems. There will be opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral support under this project (more announcements on this soon). Please contact Lila if you are interested.