Lila Fishman —


lila.fishman at

Office: ISB 319, 243-5166

All things evolution and Mimulus.


Thom Nelson —


Thom is the current UNVEIL Postdoc Fellow, focused on the mechanisms and consequences of gene copy number variation in yellow monkeyflowers. But he is also deeply involved in lab projects on chromosomal rearrangements in the M. lewisii-cardinalis group, adaptation to thermal soils in Yellowstone, and pretty much everything else.


Kory Kolis —

MS student

Kory is using population genomics to understand how geography, local adaptation, and mating system structure genetic variation in Yellowstone yellow monkeyflowers.


Colette Berg —

PhD student

Colette just finished her M.S. working on phenology and mating system in Triodanis, and is beginning to explore many possible projects in Mimulus.

brooke (1).jpg

Brooke Kern —

Honors Senior

Brooke is doing her Honors College thesis on the genetic basis of reproductive character displacement (flower color) in Mimulus bicolor.


Andrew Demaree—


Andrew is finishing up his Biochem degree and helping with gene expression and bioinformatics projects.


Matthew Samuli —

Honors Senior

Matt is working on an Honor’s thesis on the genetic basis of diverse traits distinguishing hummingbird-pollinated M. cardinalis from closely related selfer M. parishii.


Evan MacArthur-Waltz —

Hellgate High Junior

Evan has been working on the fitness effects of gene copy number variation in the wild.


Kalob Baesen — Freshman

Kalob is currently cutting his Mimulus research teeth by transplanting many, many seedlings.

Lab Alumni


Findley Finseth - Assistant Professor, Keck Science Department, Claremont

Andrea Sweigart - Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Camille Barr (Patent Lawyer, deceased)

Grad Students

Angela Stathos (MS) - Researcher, Monsanto

Margaret Cherne-Hendrick (MS) - Postdoc, Institute for Sustainable Energy

Eli Loomis (MS) - Instructor, Western Washington University

Alejandra Trillo (PhD) - Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College